About Symposion

Symposion is a Cork-based seminar, conference and training venture. Our aim is to provide specialised, stimulating and up to date continuing educational events for psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health workers in the Munster region and beyond.

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Our speakers are chosen from the most experienced practitioners and contemporary theorists (from both home and abroad) to present the latest in research and practice-based developments. Our events are designed to support and question our understanding of the mind and best practice in the mental health disciplines. Psychotherapy outcome research and the experience of practitioners in the field suggest that no single approach to understanding of the mind is significantly more effective than any other approach, and all have something to offer the clinician. Symposion is therefore committed to interdisciplinary discussion and engagement with various schools of thought in psychological theory in an attempt to broaden knowledge and support people in their clinical work and professional lives.

If you have any questions please contact Patricia Sisk BCL (NUI), BL, BA (Hons), MSc. using our contact form.