23 June, 2018 10:00 am - 4:00 pm The Imperial Hotel, South Mall, Cork

A one-day workshop with Diana Shmukler

Dr. Diana Shmukler
Dr. Diana Shmukler

When: 23 June, 2018

Where:  The Imperial Hotel, Cork

Cost: €90.00. Tea and coffee included.

CPD Hours: 5

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Supervision has long been regarded as essential to both the training of Psychotherapists and in ongoing practice. Approaches to supervision are as diverse as the approaches to therapy itself remembering that all supervisors are also practitioners. This workshop therefore will rest on Diana’s approach to therapy, counselling and all forms of working in the field captured in the idea that the work can be conceptualised as ‘The Use of the Self in Supervision’: the ‘Self’ being the central tool used in these forms of practicing. Thus the theoretical orientation rests both on an Integrative Approach to Psychotherapy as well as a deeply relational view and psychology.

Contemporary approaches in the field rest strongly on what is now known as a Two-Person Psychology: a Co-Constructed context which explicitly acknowledges the importance of the supervisor’s subjectivity as well as objectivity. Thus, supervision can be seen as a co-constructed relationship between supervisor and supervisee. It is a relationship designed to facilitate and enhance the supervisee’s sense of competence and professional development.

Accepting the ubiquity of unconscious processes and the centrality of the transference/counter-transference relationship in the intimacy of this work, Diana’s approach focuses on these processes both in thinking together about the therapy, the client/therapist dyad, as well as how the process manifests itself between supervisor and supervisee (in what is traditionally known as parallel process). Emotional responses created both in the consulting room as well as in the supervisory relationship provide significant and highly valuable information about things that are often not possible to be communicated verbally and for which there is also no clear narrative or memory.

This workshop will be a practical and theoretically oriented seminar relevant to psychotherapists, counsellors, students, supervisors as well as psychologists and psychiatrists.

The learning objectives are:

  1. To provide an approach and understanding of relational psychodynamic supervision
  2. To provide opportunities for participants to consider and discuss their own cases.
  3. To enhance and clarify practitioners’ views of how to use supervision and enhance their skills both as supervisors and supervisees
  4. To suggest new ways to understand ‘mistakes’ in the work, work through ruptures and impasses and bring clinical work to fruitful conclusions.


10.00 am Session. 1

A relational approach: The Use of the Self as a supervisor and therapist.

Relational Psychology as an approach to supervision. Distinguishing Supervision from therapy. What are the educational developmental objectives for the supervisee and supervisor?

11.30 am Coffee Break

12.00 am Session. 2

Transference/Countertransference as the central dynamic. How this emerges in the ‘Parallel Process?’

1.30 pm Lunch Break

2.30 pm Session. 3

How to work with negative transferences, ruptures and ‘mistakes’, in supervision, treating these difficulties as communications and relational information. Winnicott’s ‘Use of the Object’, will be referred to as the central dynamic process.

4 pm Close

Opportunities will be provided for case discussion with the possibility of ‘live supervision’. Participants will be encouraged to think about their difficulties with clients and supervisees.

Supervision provides a unique opportunity to go beyond the usual feedback process and think about the Unconscious processes as well as the Conscious communications with clearly specified boundaries around the aims of learning and professional development.


Diana Shmukler Phd is former Associate professor of Applied Psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently visiting Professor of Psychotherapy at Middlesex University, London, and teacher at the Summer School for Adults (OUSSA) at Oxford University as well as the University of Utrecht, Netherlands. She is a Clinical and Research Psychologist with the South African Medical and Dental Council, and a highly regarded and experienced Clinical Psychologist. She is a member of the Health Professional Council (HPC), the European Association of Psychotherapy, the British Association of Supervision and Psychotherapy Research (BASPR), and is a Teaching and Supervision member of the International Association of Transactional Analysis (ITAA). In addition to being a published author and internationally sought after public speaker, Diana is a mentor and supervisor to psychotherapists, counselors, supervisors and teachers of Psychotherapy. She has consulted to major organisations and banks in South Africa, Australia and London in Leadership Development Programs. Her latest book is entitled: Supervision in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: A Case study and Clinical Guide (Routledge) 2017.

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